THE SUBLINK PRODUCTIONS actually started out as THE SUBLINK MAGAZINE, -- a small, grass-roots publication, established in July 1993.

1) Its purpose was to connect people with a common interest, the love for Techno music, its culture and natural progressions over time. 

2) The Sub-Link served as an open forum magazine, where anyone could voice their opinions, ideas or views and ultimately record a social history of the "rave" culture.

3) The Sub-Link group of volunteers believes that the sharing of ideas and opinions is very important, and that people within the scene must be heard. They are the key factor in the development, perpetuation and future success of the rave community. 

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Our Volunteers

The Sub-Link Magazine, like the Production now, is produced entirely by a small group of dedicated volunteers who give up their spare time to help out.

Circulation & Timelines

The Sub-Link had a circulation of about 1200 copies per issue. Well over 700 readers were on a direct mailing list. The Sub-Link was mailed out primarily in Calgary, but it also went to various places in Alberta (Edmonton, Red Deer and Lethbridge), Canada, USA, Europe, Australia, South Africa... Originally, we wanted to publish monthly, but later we found out that we don't have enough money to do so. Currently, we placed publishing "on hold", and we may revive this project here, on the internet. Basically, because the magazine was FREE, we did not generate enough money to support it. 38 issues were publish in total over the years, and too much money was spent on this.