Costs, Fund-Raising Events & Donations

The Sub-Link was distributed free-of-charge to its readers. We accepted donations from individuals or businesses however, that was never enough to cover the costs of publishing, distribution and postage. In order to raise enough money, we tried to fund-raise by putting on various events (The Sub-Link Productions). We are proud of putting on high quality electronic music events that are very well organized, import world renowned DJs and music producers from places like the United States, Germany and the United Kingdom, and present the best in lights and sound available in Alberta. We have introduced Calgary (and often Canada for the first time) to performers like The Speed Freak/Biochip C and Bazooka (Germany), Traffik (England), and from the USA: Jim Hopkins, Bassland, Dan Efex, Delta 9, Paulina Taylor/Kage, Siege, Ralphie Dee, Nicky Fingers and Thee-O. We have presented premiere performances of Interrupt Vector, Hush System and Flowspiel. 
Our first (medium size) event was "Spinal Core 95", an event featuring virtually all Hard-Core Techno. This risky adventure turned out to be a huge success! Our second (much larger and very popular) event was "Life 95", a radically different production and the first of its kind in Alberta. Inthe mid/late 90s, we organized 2 main events per year ("Life" and "Spinal Core") with smaller or medium size productions throughout the year. But as our expenses grew, our income did not. During 1996/97, we lost thousands of dollars on events that did not break even, and on the raising costs of the publication. Our hope is to slowly recover by staging smaller, less financially risky events. Because of this problem, we had to skip our Life 98 and Spinal Core 99.



If you want to donate money to The Sub-Link, please make your cheque, postal money order or international money order payable to The Sub-Link. We appreciate all donations, no matter how small! If you come to our events, you can donate some spare cash to our "piggy bank".

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Sponsorship of the Sublink Events.

If you would like to sponsor our current events or set up a relevant information booth,
contact us and let us know what you would like to do.