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C.O.R.E. Project Documents and BY-LAW related info (mostly PDF files)
Please note: The Extended Dance Events BY-LAW (2000) has been revised in the Spring 2004, click on the City link below to view, or HERE to download from our file. Next C.O.R.E. meeting will be posted here if it is needed. Please keep checking back or place yourself on our email list to get updates.
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  • UNDERSTANDING THE YOUTH AND YOUNG ADULT PERSPECTIVE OF RAVING IN ALBERTA (Dec. 2004) -- published in 2005. From: the Alberta Alcohol and Drug Abuse Commission (AADAC). This is a short 2 page "profile" summary of a much larger paper. If you want to see the whole document, please click on these links: Technical Report: 104 pages OR Summary report: 8 pages.
  • Text from The City presentation February 2004 (City hall)
  • Chart of recent applications (frequency) (City hall)
  • Text (LAW DEPT reply to ald. questions from July meeting) from The City presentation July 2003 (City hall)
  • Text from The City presentation July 2003 (City hall)
  • Text from the CORE presentation July 2003 (City hall)
  • Proposed By-Law changes: summary chart only.
  • Minutes from The City meeting July 2003 (City hall)
  • Notes from CORE meeting May 6, 2003 re: upcoming By-Law changes
  • Most Recent CORE Document June 2002
  • Main CORE Report (Index Page only)
  • Main CORE Report (Text)
  • Event Survey Form for Promoters
  • CORE Info Pamphlet for Promoters and Event Guests
  • The City of Calgary "Extended Dance Events BY-LAW 34M2000, revised in 2004" (The City of Calgary)
  • Application Form for an Extended Dance Event (Scan only! Please pick up a hard copy at the City)
  • Application Form Checklist for an EDE (Scan only! Please pick up a hard copy at the City)
  • The City Of Calgary By-Law Effectiveness Survey Results (CALGARY) July 2002
  • The City Of Calgary By-Law Effectiveness Results (Other Canadian cities) July 2002

    Music Producers, DJs and Bands
    Moby (USA)
    The Speedfreak (Germany)
    The Berzerker (Australia)
    Budburnerz (France)
    DJ Eric L (USA)
    DJ Inyoung (USA)
    Rob Spencer Band (Calgary)
    KC Styles (Calgary)

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    CJSW 90.9 FM Calgary's Alternative Radio (Calgary)
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    Assy (websites and hosting) (Calgary)
    Shae Barry Designs - D.I.C.I.B? (Calgary)
    Ty Semaka - Amazing artist who designed our logos (Calgary)
    Gottfried Helnwein
    Chernobyl Legacy by Paul Fusco

    Splinterswerve: poetry, meanderings, stories, scripts, sound and vision... (Canada) (UK)
    Links to 6000 Newspapers: (Australia)

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    Calgary's Distress centre (free services info) (Calgary)
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    Eudora Email Software (USA)
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