We are farming out these great DJs/Producers, just because we think they rock! We can arrange the booking details for some of them (including flight arrangements), or we can put you in touch with them directly. Contact us to book them for your next event!

The Sublink Productions are always looking for some fresh blood, too. If you are a DJ or music producer, ship us your sample tape or CD with a full biography. Please make sure that your real name, DJ/Producer name and phone number with your area code is written somewhere on the tape/CD itself. We lose stuff fast.

DOUBLE D (West Canada)
(Hard Core, Gabber, Speedcore, Hard Acid and Techno, Old School Techno and sometimes even Old Ass Classic House.)
Well, the whole site talks about this one, so no more space needs to be taken up here.

SIEGE (New York)
(Hard Core and Techno, DJ/Producer)
Siege started DJing in 1992, and at the same time also started at 90.3 WUSB maintaining the highest ratings of all of their listed DJs. After a few bookings at Long Islands biggest Techno club, he was offered a residency at the world famous LIMELIGHT in New York. Since then, he has held residencies every single year at NYC's Limelight, Paladium, and Tunnel as well as all local HardCore weeklies and monthlies. Siege has played at over 1,000 events across the USA and in Europe. He also organized over 500 events and has had the longest running events in NYC for both HardCore and Techno. He is the man behind the HardCore scene on the East Coast of the USA.
His music production includes the following releases:
- Siege & Menace: "Override the Negative", Industrial Strength (Licensing from this release: "I Hate You" ID&T- TUNNEL OF TERROR CD, "I Hate You" ID&T- Hellbound CD, "I Hate You" Industrial Strength)
- Brutality (coming release)
- "Warped": Hardcore Vibes CD
- Siege and Menace: Gabber 2000 "Dawn of a new era", Kado Records CD
- Tron, Siege and Menace: Meat For The Beast: Strike Records
- Siege: Judgement night remix for Biohazard: Mercury Records limited European CD - Siege: Harsh Reality "Induced Psychosis", Coalition Worldwide (upcoming release)

(The best in Hard Techno, Hard Breaks, Hard Core & more)
He needs no introduction and he appears under many names. He is one of the godfathers of the global Hard Core scene and responsible for many great classics over the years. Here's a little reminder for you:
Martin started collecting records as early as 1980. In 1984, he begun remixing tracks. In 1986, Martin started DJing and impressed crowds in Switzerland; France; Osaka and Kobe in Japan; Melbourne, Brisbane, Sydney in Australia; Los Angeles; New York; Calgary-Canada (yup! Sublink's Spinal Core 97); Chicago, Austria, Amsterdam, Rotterdam... He's been featured at the famous European events such as Thunderdome, Hellraiser and Futurescope. Martin has also roamed the world via many tours.
Under the title of BIOCHIP C, Martin whips up great Techno, Schranz, Experimental stuff, Breakbeats. His famous persona of THE SPEED FREAK brings out some of the most energetic HardCore, Hard Drum&Bass, Industrial and even Noise.
As a music producer:
- Martin released his first record ("O" - Das Spiel) in 1990.
- Produced and released more than 260 records within the last 11 years under various names!
- Released on labels such as: Force Inc Music Works, Mille Plateaux, Intense, Analog (USA), DJ-ungle Fever, Monotone, Mokum, Go Bang, Suck Me Plasma, Boy, Generator, ESP, Lux Nigra, Drop Bass Network, Epiteth, Fischkopf and many more.
His own labels are Shockwave Recordings, Anodyne, Napalm, Agent Orange, Speedcore, Ozon, Biophobia. Check out his site for more details (see our "links" section).
Martin has earned two golden records for his remixes of "Technohead: I Wanna Be A Hippie" on Mokum Records and "Double Vision: Knockinī" on Happy Vibes.
His most well-known projects are Biochip C. (Techno), The Speed Freak (Hardcore), Phase IV (electro, experimental), Steel (industrial, ambient, noise), Search & Destroy (Hardcore).

(Hard Core & Hard Breaks)
Absolutelly flawless DJ. Not only that, but he produces some of the most intelligent Hard Core out there. Clean, hard or crunchy at times, he packs energy into every track he plays or produces. The Sublink took him into North America for the first time in October 1997. And we love him ever since.
Traffik first started DJing HipHop when he was 15 years old in 1987. From there he moved on to Techno rave in 1990. By 1992 Gabba had started emerging from Holland and he immediately started buying the records. Although DJing was always his main interest, in 1993 he teamed up with a good friend and produced the track "Under Attack" on Outcast Clan. Soon after that he got himself an Amiga and made the Crapshoot tracks. He used the Amiga up until 1998 when he finally gave in and bought a PC.
His releases are on:
Outcast Clan, Crapshoot, Born 2 Kill, Statik, Disturbance, Epiteth, Corrupt, Epileptik, Social Parasite...
He's also done radio shows: 3 years on London based Pirate radio station ENERGY FM; Saturday night shows on London based Pirate radio station OUTCAST FM and a guest 3 hour radio show in Los Angles, (Lucie's note: Traffik's LA live radio set was broadcasted from the rooftop of a university building in the middle of the night. People on campus could hear the speakers, but could figure out where the speakers were located. The radio show host was inviting people to the rooftop, and in fact a good number of them found it later on. One funny experience!)
Traffik has appeared as a DJ in England, Austria, Canada (Sublink's Life '97), Scotland, Germany and USA. He's been featured at funky events such as Berlin's FUCKPARADE, UK's SICK AND TWISTED, UROBEAT and many more!

(Hard Core)
Traffik's Hard Core alliance. Another UK Hard Core producer with a great style. He has released a number of tracks under Traffik's Disturbance record label, French Epileptik Records and live PAs under "South Of London", -- trio of Traffik, Matt Green and Asylum M.D. His own Corrupt Records has just put out its 5th release and he will have releases coming out on UK based Social Parasite and German based Strike. Matt now DJs both HardCore and Hard Drum&Bass.

BAZOOKA (Germany)
(Hard Core & Breaks)
Very nice music production of Hard Core style Breaks with heavy Hip Hop samples. This German DJ and producer will not disappoint.

SKYLAB 2000 (Los Angeles)
(Live PA, Techno)
Great producers from California who will amaze your crowd. If you are interested in these people, we'll connect you!

BASSLAND (Los Angeles)
(Live PA, Electronic)
Already mentioned before, Stu and Alex expanded their great producting talents and now blow you away with their 6 member live PA. Extremely talented people!

Toxic Shock Syndrome (Calgary)
(Live performance, original trax, Dark Electro)

Angels On Toast (Calgary)
(Audio/Visual Performance Art)
Crazy performance, full of surprises and shocks. Not for people with weak hearts! See our Event Section for their pix at Resurrection 8 and 9.

Interrupt Vector (Calgary)
(Live performance, original trax, Hard Core Techno)
Moved to Toronto in favor of a cool new engineering job. We can sell him anyways. His music is Hard-Core and he just recently released a CD compilation and a fresh 12" vinyl (UK)! Fast, hard and wickedly entertaining!

Danny Diamond (Calgary)
(Many Various Styles)
This DJ has years of experience! He can mix any style of electronic dance music including Techno, House, Rotterdam Hardcore, Old School and more. PLUS He's cute as hell!

We can also forward your booking request to: Jim Hopkins (San Francisco) for superb House music, The Berzerker (Australia) for extra brutal HardCore/metal and more! This page will be updated often, so please keep checking back.

If you are interested in booking any of these fine people, please contact us HERE