In the Techno world, there are some amazing people who deserve much respect for their work and dedication to this music and culture. I want to thank these people for being who they are, giving people inspiration and energy, and making this crazy world a better place.

Please visit THE SUB-LINK SECTION for my thanks to the dedicated support staff that keep the SubLink Productions alive.

Delta 9
Dave, much love and thanx for everything! You are Calgary's HardCore superhero. USA

Master Tron was a great producer, DJ and a wonderful person to know (1973 - 2008). He'll always be missed. USA

An amazing man with an incredible talent living in the UK land. (Disturbance Records) At the centre of the London and UK Hardcore scene.

Siege has an incredible talent and energy. East Coast USA

Alex and Stu... you are the Techno saints. Don't ever give it up. West Coast USA

Skylab 2000
Fantastic people, great music. Thank you for everything. West Coast USA

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Double D...