Organizer & Promoter of The Sub-Link Events since 1995
  • The Sub-Link (est. 1993) organizes some of the most successful events in the province of Alberta since 1995, hosting DJs and bands such as The Speed Freak, Bazooka, Siege, Dan Efex, Simply Jeff, Tron, Delta 9, Traffik, Jim Hopkins, Ralphie Dee, Nicky Fingers, Thee-O, Paulina Taylor/Kage, Bassland... Many of which are coming to Canada for the very first time.

Member of House Of Unity Productions since 1991

  • House Of Unity is the first established rave production group in Calgary (since 1991). The first production group in Calgary to import an international talent. H.O.U. featured DJ Ron D Core and later on Simply Jeff from Los Angeles. Currently, we are on a sabbatical, planning a possible reunion event, but we are a bunch of old lazy bastards...

Radio host since 1994

  • Of specialized Techno/Hard-Core radio show (called "DNA") in Western Canada broadcasted on CJSW 90.9 FM in Calgary. (You can listen via Real Audio at, Fridays at midnight, Mountain Standard Time)

What else...

  • Yes, I have a day job.
  • I managed to get a Sociology/Psychology degree from the University of Calgary. Do not take your degree from Social Sciences. If you do, you'll be broke.
  • I was born in the old Czechoslovakia and came to Canada during my teens. I was a little communist child.
  • I always prefer tea over coffee. English Breakfast or the real home made Chai tea.
  • Favorite stuff: Really good Mexican and East Indian food. Nice, smart squishy people or animals, both are fun; good chocolate and fresh green peas (not together please!). A good book.
  • I had a very cute, Harvey the bunny that liked to poop a lot; and I had a Tomato frog from Madagascar. He was all red, squishy and did nothing all day long.
    He died on Valentine's Day, Feb. 14, 2001 (R.I.P.) and Harvey the bunny died on Feb.6, 2006. I think February is not a happy month for me, eventhough I am an Aquarius.

      DOUBLE D