Media Coverage

Appeared in the following magazines:

  • BeatRoute - Freq Magazine (Calgary) Read page 1 and page 2.
  • BeatRoute (Calgary) Read here.
  • Urb (Los Angeles)
  • Trance (Los Anegles)
  • Fix (Los Angeles) 
  • Massive (Milwaukee) 
  • StepUp (Arizona) 
  • Technology (Pittsburgh) 
  • Speck (British Columbia) 
  • Huge!(Newark, NJ) 
  • Tribe (Toronto) 
  • Interviewed on CBC radio (Canada wide) 
  • Interviewed on KUCI radio (Los Angeles), 4 interviews and 3-hour live 2x2 DJ performance with dj Traffik (UK)

Editor & Publisher of The Sub-Link magazine since 1993

  • The Sub-Link was a free-of-charge rave magazine mailed out all over the world and freely distributed to over 1200 people per each issue. The Sub-Link events were designed to fundraise money needed to cover the publication costs. We are not publishing at this point, because the magazine cost too much and we did not raise enough funds. We may upload our 38 archived issues one day.

Residencies and Affiliations

  • Underground Culture, CA
  • Tekno Mafia, CA
  • Coalition, NJ
  • Invasion Family, CA
  • HousePool Media International Group GbR (Germany)
  • The Sub-Link, Calgary
  • Insomniax, Calgary
  • House of Unity, Calgary
  • CJSW 90.9 FM, Calgary